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Adhesive Film Dressing

All kinds of components required for efficient and effective peripheral catheter insertion or for starting or changing an IV site, provide peripheral catheter site care with securement dressing. The dressing kit combines securement and protection comprehensive solution in a convenient kit designed to improve patient comfort and reduce catheter-related infection.

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Adhesive Film Dressing
Adhesive Film Dressing

Specifications of Adhesive Film Dressing

specification and package can be customized

Application of Adhesive Film Dressing

Adhesive film dressings, also known as transparent wound plaster tape, have a wide range of applications in the medical field. Here are some common uses:

Wound care:

Protecting minor wounds: They can cover cuts, scrapes, abrasions, and minor burns to shield them from dirt, bacteria, and friction while allowing the wound to breathe and heal.

Securing bandages and gauze: They can be used to hold gauze pads or other dressings in place, especially on awkward areas like joints or moving body parts.

Managing post-surgical incisions: They can protect surgical wounds from infection and keep them clean while allowing doctors to monitor healing progress.

Draining blisters and minor abscesses: Some specialized film dressings have built-in drainage mechanisms to manage fluid buildup under the skin.

Other applications:

IV site protection: They can create a waterproof barrier over intravenous (IV) insertion sites to prevent infection and accidental dislodgement.

Catheter securement: They can help secure catheters and other medical devices to the skin, reducing the risk of dislodgement and infection.

Tattoo aftercare: They can create a protective barrier over new tattoos, promoting healing and preventing scabbing.

Moisturizing dry skin: Some film dressings are infused with moisturizers to help hydrate dry or cracked skin.

Advantages of Adhesive Film Dressing

Waterproof and breathable: Adhesive film dressings are typically waterproof, so you can shower or bathe without having to remove the dressing. They are also breathable, which allows air and moisture to reach the wound, promoting healing.

Comfortable and flexible: Adhesive film dressings, one of types of wound care products, are thin and flexible, so they conform to the shape of your body and move with you without being bulky or restrictive. This makes them comfortable to wear, even in active areas of the body.

Transparent: Most adhesive film dressings are transparent, so you can easily see the wound underneath to monitor its healing progress. This eliminates the need to remove the dressing frequently, which can disrupt the healing process.

Easy to apply and remove: Adhesive film dressings are typically easy to apply and remove without causing pain or irritation. This makes them convenient to use at home or on the go.

Promotes wound healing: Some adhesive film dressings contain ingredients that can help to promote wound healing, such as hydrogels or silver.


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