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Cloth Medical Tape

Spunlaced nonwoven cloth

Latex-free causes no latex induced allergic reactions


Good air permeability

Strong tensile strength

Soft and comfortable

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Cloth Medical Tape

Specifications of Cloth Medical Tape

1.25cm*5 y24rolls/box30boxeslcarton
2.5cm*5 y12rolls/box30boxeslcarton
5cm*5 y6rolls/box30boxeslcarton
7.5cm*5 y6rolls/box30boxeslcarton
10cm*5 y6rolls/box30boxeslcarton
1.25cm*10 y24rolls/box30boxeslcarton
2.5cm*10 y12rolls/box30boxeslcarton
10cm*10 y6rolls/box30boxeslcarton
specification and package can be customized

Application of Cloth Medical Tape

  • Securing small to medium dressings, especially on damp skin

  • Securing lightweight tubing

  • Securing ostomy appliances

  • Aping fragile, at-risk skin

  • When repeated taping is needed

Advantages of Cloth Medical Tape

  • Conformable and highly breathable. 

  • Hypoallergenic and latex-free. 

  • Easy-tear perforated rolls. 

  • High ventilation due to the natural essence of non-woven cloth, do not stop skin's basic function breathe&sweating.

  • Low irritability by using state of art technology to manufacture tapes.And harmless to human skin of the body. 

  • Powerful adhesion for wrapping and fixing medical treatment.Suitable to any healing conditions and body position.


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