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Dispensing Wound Dressing

Fuluo, a professional medical tape factory, produces dispensing wound dressing that provides a softer feeling while peeling from the skin and also provide good performance as the normal wound dressing.

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Dispensing Wound Dressing
Dispensing Wound Dressing

Specifications of Dispensing Wound Dressing

1 0*1 5cm25pcs/box24boxes/carton
10* 20cm25pcs/box24boxes/carton
1 0*30cm25pcs/box24boxes/carton
9*1 0cm50pcs/box24boxes/carton
9*1 5cm25pcs/box24boxes/carton
9* 20cm25pcs/box24boxes/carton
specification and package can be customized

Application of Dispensing Wound Dressing

  • Dressings for wound care.

  • Post-surgical dressing.

  • Gentle, for frequent dressing changes.

  • Acute wounds such as abrasions and lacerations.

  • Superficial and partial-thickness burns.

  • I.V. catheter sites.

  • Light to moderately draining wounds.

  • To secure or cover devices.

  • Secondary dressing applications.

  • Over hydrogels, alginates and gauze.

Advantages of Dispensing Wound Dressing

  • The highly conformable dressing is easy to apply, conforms to body contours, and flexes with movement or swelling.

  • The dressing is porous and breathable for increased patient comfort, better exchange of moisture vapor and oxygen, and reduced risk of skin maceration.

  • The unique, non-adherent pad won't stick to the wound, allowing normal wound healing processes to occur with less pain and trauma.

  • This plaster medical tape provides excellent adhesion, yet is gentle to the skin.

  • Convenient, all-in-one dressing reduces application time.

  • The absorbent pad protects the wound and absorbs drainage.

  • A full range of sizes is available to fit every application.


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