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Foam Underwrap Tape

Foam underwrap tape is used for added comfort to prevent skin chaffing and for painless tape removal. Underwrap tapes can be used to keep football shin guards and ice packs in place. Features a lightweight foam that is wrapped over the skin to form a base layer for sports tapes and strapping such as waterproof athletic tape for swimming, white zinc oxide tape or elastic adhesive bandage.

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Foam Underwrap Tape
Foam Underwrap Tape

Application of Foam Underwrap Tape

  • Foam underwrap can be used to secure cold packs and bandages

  • Depending on personal preference. Foam underway can be applied before athletic

  • foam pre wrap, Zinc Oxide or EAB, or any tape to help eliminate skin irritation and chafing

  • Hold pads and socks in place and as a protective wrap inside hiding boots, ski-boots

  • and other althletic footy

  • Keeps hair in place like a scrunchie or headband to keep it out of eyes

  • Support wraps for horses and pets

  • Used as the finish line of the 100-yard dash

Advantages of Foam Underwrap Tape

  • High-quality ealstic PU(Polyurethane) foam substrate

  • Super light weight, very soft, comfortable, porous and breathable, absorbed flexible

  • Good tensile strength, similar to custom kinesiology tape

  • Heat preservation

  • Adhesive no adhesive or latex cohesive. or hot melt

  • Prevent allergies

  • Adheres to itself, non-sticky to hair or skin no pins or clips need

  • Protects primary dressings

  • Water-resistant, will not loose by sweat or water

  • Easy tear


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