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PE Medical Tape

Polyurethane tape, with strong permeable, the skin can breathe naturally and decrease the possibility of infection.

Polyurethane protective tape applys to bandaging and fixing dressing, also can prophylactic use of easy sprain and friction parts.

Polyurethane foam tape is no remains on the skin, Breathable and microporous.

More options are provided, you can have a look at our paper bandage tapes.

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Polyurethane Tape
Polyurethane Tape

Specifications of Polyurethane Tape

1.25cm*5 y24rolls/box30boxes/carton
2.5cm*5 y1 2rolls/box30boxes/carton
5cm*5 y6rolls/box30boxes/carton
7.5cm*5 y6rolls/box30boxes/carton
10cm*5 y6rolls/box30boxes/carton
1.25cm*10 y24rolls/box30boxes/carton
2.5cm*10 y12rolls/box30boxes/carton
5cm*10 y6rolls/box30boxes/carton
7.5cm*10 y6rolls/box30 boxes/carton
10cm*10 y6rolls/box30boxes/carton
specification and package can be customized

Common uses of PE Medical Tape

Securing dressings and devices:

Bandages and gauze pads: Ideal for securely holding dressings in place on various body parts, especially for larger wounds or areas with moderate drainage.

PE tape securing a bandage

Catheters and medical tubing: Helps secure catheters like IV lines, feeding tubes, and drainage tubes, preventing accidental dislodgement and maintaining their proper positioning.

Splints and braces: Can be used to reinforce splints and braces for additional support and stability.

Wound care:

Draining wounds: Specific PE tapes with perforated designs allow for drainage while protecting the surrounding skin.

Skin closure strips: Some varieties can be used for closing minor cuts and lacerations under medical supervision.

Other uses:

Wound stabilization: Offers support and stability for minor wounds or incisions, minimizing movement and promoting healing.

Electrode placement: This can be used to secure electrodes for electrotherapy or monitoring applications.

Marking and labeling: Can be used for temporary patient identification or labeling on the skin.

Advantages of Plastic Medical Tape

Waterproof and Water-resistant: Plastic medical tape is water-resistant or even waterproof, depending on the specific type. This allows patients to shower or bathe without having to remove the dressing, promoting hygiene and patient comfort.

Strong Adhesion: Despite its thinness, plastic medical tape offers strong adhesion that securely holds dressings and devices in place, even on frequently moving areas like joints or limbs. This ensures reliable performance and minimizes the risk of the dressing falling off.

Breathability: While not all plastic medical tapes are breathable, some are designed with microperforations that allow air and moisture to pass through. This helps prevent skin irritation and maceration (softening), promoting wound healing and patient comfort.

Gentle on Skin: Most plastic medical tapes are hypoallergenic and made with gentle adhesives, minimizing the risk of skin irritation or allergic reactions. This makes them suitable for use on most skin types, including sensitive skin.

Conformability: Plastic medical tape is thin and flexible, conforming well to body contours. This provides a comfortable fit and allows for unrestricted movement, improving patient comfort and compliance.


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