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Silicone Medical Tape

Polyurethane film/Polyethylene film----breathable, soft and water-proof(Polyethylene film is not applicable)

Soft silicone layer----self-coating and perforation, clear pore structure, no risk of degumming, good for fragile skin and sensitive skin

1. Gently tack, Non-adherent;

2. Flexible, comfortable, breathable, and waterproof;

3. Minimize trauma and pain on dressing removal;

4. Easy to tear with a pre-cutting line.

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Silicone Medical Tape

Specifications of Silicone Medical Tape

1.25cmx5m24rollsx 12boxes
2.5cmx5m12rollsx 12boxes
5cmx5m6rolls x 12boxes
7.5cmx5m6rollsx 12boxes

Advantages of Silicone Medical Tape

  • Minimizes pain and skin damage during dressing changes.

  • Conforms well to body contours.

  • Can remain in place for several days.

  • Extremely soft and comfortable.

  • Can be repositioned easily.

Application of Silicone Medical Tape

  • any situation where a regular medical tape would be used.

  • fixing wound dressing, securing IV lines and fistula needles.

  • friable or sensitive skin, like dialysis patients.

  • pediatrics and neonates.

  • dermatology and orthopedic surgery (requires high skincare)

  • sensitive sites: eyelids, ears, and face.


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