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Silk Medical Tape

Silk medical tape, silk-like substrate – acetate fiber

Latex-free causes no latex induced allergic reactions

Silk surgical tape is hypoallergenic

Good air permeability, soft and comfortable

Silk tape medical has strong tensile strength, provides maximum support

Serrated edge, easy to hand tear

More options are provided, you can have a look at our fabric medical tapes.

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Silk Medical Tape

Specifications of Silk Medical Tape

1.25cm*5 y30rolls/box24boxes/carton
2.5cm*5 y30rolls/box24boxes/carton
5cm*5 y30rolls/box24boxes/carton
7.5cm*5 y30rolls/box24boxes/carton
10cm*5 y30rolls/box24boxes/carton
1.25cm*10 y30rolls/box24boxes/carton
2.5cm*10 y30rolls/box24boxes/carton
5cm*10 y30rolls/box24boxes/carton
7.5cm*10 y30rolls/box24boxes/carton
10cm*10 y30rolls/box24boxes/carton
specification and package can be customized

Application of Silk Medical Tape

  • Protecting wounds from external moisture, fluids, or contaminants

  • Enhancing penetration of topical medications

  • Compressing bandage to help control swelling and stop bleeding

  • For dermatological patch testing

  • Fixation of needles, probes, catheters, and medical equipment

Advantages of Silk Medical Tape

  • Strong adhesive property, fixing firmly, strong suitability, and convenient to apply. 

  • Hypoallergenic coating with medical hot-melt glue. 

  • With low sensitization, excellent compliance, no residue glue. 

  • Low irritation to skin and good air permeability. 

  • Easy-to-tear, making usage very convenient and comfortable.

  • Soft, breathable, comfortable to feel and makes no harm to the skin. 

  • Moisture and sweat can be drained out easily.


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