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Silver Wound Dressing

Silver wound dressing, continuous release of silver, 99.99% antibacterial effect for up to 7 days. The alginate dressing consisting of calcium alginate and silver particles, which absorb wound exudate and release silver ions in the presence of wound liquid. The silver can protect the dressing from a variety of bacteria within 7 days, with an antibacterial rate of 99.99%. And alginate forms a gel after absorbing wound exudate to maintain the moist environment on the wound surface.

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silver wound dressing

Specifications of Silver Wound Dressing

specification and package can be customized

Application of Silver Wound Dressing

As a professional medical tape factory in China, the application of our silver wound dressing is wide. It is mainly used in the fields as follows:

  • For infective wounds, mainly for diabetic foot ulcers, burns, arteriovenous ulcers.

  • Manage moderate to severe exudate and infected wounds, such as diabetic feet, pressure ulcers, leg venous and arterial ulcers, burns, postoperative wounds, and traumatic wounds.

  • Silver dressing  for wound care can also be used for acute mild bleeding wounds.

  • Silver bandages for wounds can be used for cavernous and sinus wounds.

Advantages of Silver Wound Dressing

  • Silver surgical dressing form a gel after absorbing fluid to maintain the moist healing environment of the wound;

  • Silver strips for wounds are broad-spectrum antibacterial, continuous release of silver ions, the against bacteria up to 99.99% for 7 days;

  • The cumulative amount of silver released in 7 days is much lower than the toxic dose of 3800mg-silver that causes harm to the human body.

How to Use Silver Wound Dressing

1. Cut the silver ion alginate antibacterial dressing to the appropriate size according to the size of the wound (disinfection scissors are recommended).

2. Silver-ion alginate antibacterial dressing should be used in conjunction with the outer dressing. Depending on the clinical condition of the wound, a hydrocolloid dressing or a Bertan foam dressing can be used.

3. Silver ion alginate antibacterial dressings need to be replaced as soon as they become saturated with exudate. As granulation tissue begins to form and exudate is reduced, the number of dressing changes should be reduced accordingly. In the beginning, dressings are usually changed daily. Each silver ion alginate antibacterial dressing should not cover the wound for more than seven days.

4. The filling strip must be loosely and smoothly filled in the wound to facilitate the alginate fiber to form a moist gel suitable for the size of the wound cavity.

In addition, pay attention to the following points when using:

(1) when patients with wound infection, need to change the bandage daily, please use the product under the guidance of a doctor

(2) dressing (filling) is not used to treat oneself physiology can't control, must with the aid of surgical hand - section

(3) to dry the wound bleeding, do not recommend the use of the product has been

(4) ionizing radiation sterilization, this product is one-time use.

Why is Silver Used in Wound Dressings

The role of silver ion wound dressing:

Silver ions almost have an effect on all common bacteria, so the antibacterial spectrum is wide, antibacterial performance is very good.

Sterilization principle of silver ion wound dressing:

Mainly depends on its positive charge and heavy metal characteristics, through the combination of bacteria with negative charge containing sulfhydryl proteins, denaturation of the latter, deactivation, play a role.

3 advantages of silver ion wound plaster tape:

1. Shorten the healing time of patients;

2. Reduce the time for patients to change dressing back and forth, and avoid the inconvenience of family members and patients;

3. sterilization ability is very strong, no harm to people and animals.

What is Silver Alginate Wound Dressing

As one of types of medical dressings, this product consists of high G calcium alginate, sodium carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC), polyethylene glycol, and silver ion compound containing sodium zirconium phosphate silver ion in the presence of wound exudate. The dressing is available in both regular sheet and filling strip shapes. After radiation sterilization, disposable use.


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