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Transparent Film Dressing

All kinds of components required for efficient and effective peripheral catheter insertion or for starting or changing an IV site provide peripheral catheter site care with securement dressing. The dressing kit combines securement and protection comprehensive solution in a convenient kit designed to improve patient comfort and reduce catheter-related infection.

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Transparent Film Dressing
Transparent Film Dressing

Specifications of Transparent Film Dressing

10*1 5cm25pcs/box24boxes/carton
10* 20cm25pcs/box24boxes/carton
10* 25cm25pcs/box24boxes/carton
10* 30cm25pcs/box24boxes/carton
9*1 5cm25pcs/box24boxes/carton
9* 20cm25pcs/box24boxes/carton
9* 25cm25pcs/box24boxes/carton
specification and package can be customized

Application of Transparent Film Dressing

  • Transparent film dressing for wound care.

  • Post-surgical dressing.

  • Transparent wound dressing is gentle for frequent dressing changes.

  • As one of types of medical dressings, this transparent film dressing for wounds is fit for acute wounds such as abrasions and lacerations.

  • Film dressing for wounds can be used for superficial and partial-thickness burns.

  • I.V. catheter sites.

  • Light to moderately draining wounds.

  • To secure or cover devices.

  • Secondary dressing applications.

  • Over hydrogels, alginates, and gauze.

Advantages of Transparent Film Dressing

  • Polyurethane film has a good antibacterial effect and can reduce the risk of infection.

  • The polyurethane film has good air permeability and can reduce the risk of wound maceration.

  • The good waterproof performance of transparent adhesive polyurethane wound dressing brings safe care to patients.

  • Hypoallergenic medical glue effectively reduces allergic reactions in patients.

How to Apply Transparent Film Dressing

1. Open the package, take out the transparent dressing aseptically, and peel it from the folding edge of the release paper.

2. Fix the central adhesive area of the penetrating dressing facing downward to the indwelling needle or skin injury.

3. Completely peel off the release paper and smooth the surrounding area of the transparent dressing to make it fully contact with the skin.

4. Gently remove the backing film from the handle to separate it from the film.

How to Remove Transparent Film Dressing

1. The skin paste surface needs to be clean and dry, no liquid, no grease. 

2. Only after the transparent dressing is in full contact with the skin can the back membrane be removed. 

3. When replacing transparent dressings, slippage of intravenous indwelling needles should be prevented. 

4. If a large amount of exudate appears in the wound under the transparent dressing, it should be replaced in time. 

5. This wound plaster tape can be used once, if the inner package is damaged, it is forbidden to use. For other details, see the manual.

What is Transparent Film Dressing Used for

Transparent dressings, also known as film dressings, are made of pressure-sensitive adhesive coated on one side of ordinary medical film. Film production materials are mostly some transparent polymer elastomers, such as polyethylene, polypropylene, polyurethane, polylactic acid, etc. The polyurethane film is soft, transparent, elastic, and breathable, which is an excellent material for preparing medical dressing. Thin-film dressings have little absorbability and control of the exudate depending on the transport of water vapor, which depends on the molecular structure and the thickness of the film. The ideal transparent dressing breathes at a rate comparable to that of normal human skin.


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