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Waterproof Kinesiology Tape

The waterproof athletic tape for swimming, also called waterproof sports tape, is designed to mimic the elasticity of the skin so you can make the most of your range of motion. The China waterproof KT tape's medical-grade adhesive is also waterproof and strong enough to last three to five days, even when you're exercising or taking a shower. As a professional medical tape factory, FULUO offers waterproof athletic tape for swimming and other kinds of China sports tape to meet different needs. When the Kinesiology tape waterproof is pressed against your body, it will flinch slightly and gently lift your skin. This is believed to help create a microscopic space between your skin and the underlying tissue.

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Waterproof Kinesiology Tape
waterproof athletic tape for swimming

Sports Tape Waterproof Specifications

Waterproof tape for swimming is a type of kinesiology tape that is designed to withstand heavy sweating and multiple showers. The tape is athletic tape waterproof. Here are the specifications of our waterproof body tape for swimming.

2.5cm* 5m1 2rolls/box20boxes/carton
3.7 5cm* 5m8rolls/box20 boxes/ca rton
5cm* 5m6rolls/box20 boxes/carton
7.5cm*5m4rolls/box20 boxes/carton
10cm*5m2rolls/box30 boxes/carton
5cm*30m1 roll/box20 boxes/carton
Specification and package can be customized by Fuluo, the waterproof tape factory.

Athletic Tape Waterproof Application

Waterproof china sports tape is a type of adhesive tape that is designed to remain in place and resist moisture, making it ideal for use during physical activities or in damp conditions. It is often used to support and stabilize joints, such as ankles and wrists, or to hold dressings in place. Waterproof sports tape mainly has the following applications:

  • Pain - reduce pain by taking pressure off the pain receptors

  • Lymphatic - Eliminates lymphatic fluid(swelling) under the skin

  • Joint - Adjusts mis-alignment to aid skin and muscle function

  • Muscle - the waterproof sports tape supports and strengthens the muscle

Waterproof Sports Tape Advantages

Waterproof medical tape for swimming has several advantages:

  • Water-resistant: acrylic adhesive stays firmly attached to the skin even in wet conditions.

  • Comfort: Latex-free acrylic adhesive used on our waterproof medical tape for swimming allows it to adhere safely and comfortably to the skin. As it is heat-activated, the tape attaches itself firmly to the skin even during vigorous activities. This types of kinesiology tape allows athletes to move and feel in a natural manner.

  • Versatility: The waterproof athletic tape for swimming can be used for a variety of applications, including wrapping joints, securing equipment, and protecting injuries.

  • Durability: The waterproof athletic tape thickness is manufactured to approximate the thickness of the skin’s epidermis. And the cotton fabric allows moisture to evaporate through the material. 

  • Easy to Apply: Unlike regular wholesale athletic tape, which can be difficult to apply, this tape is sports tape waterproof that is often designed to be easy to apply and remove.

Overall, waterproof kinesiology tape can provide a range of benefits for athletes, helping to prevent injuries, protect joints, and support performance.

FAQ of Waterproof Kinesiology Tape

Are all tapes waterproof?

No, the ones that claim to be waterproof are waterproof. There are many types of tapes and not all are resistant to water.

Can waterproof kinesiology tape be used by swimmers?

Yes, our waterproof kinesiology tape is water-resistant and is athletic tape waterproof. It prevents water to seep through the wound, which are especially useful for swimmers.

How to remove waterproof tape?

Generally speaking, using the right way for removing the waterproof tape for swimming does not injure the skin nor pull the hair, however, it might be painful depending on the angle and the force applied to it. It is recommended to use a small amount of moisturizer or baby oil on the open tip of the tape and on the skin when peeling the waterproof body tape for swimming instead of tugging it too hard.


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