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Waterproof Wound Dressing

All kinds of components required for efficient and effective peripheral catheter insertion or for starting or changing an IV site, provide peripheral catheter site care with securement dressing. The dressing kit combines securement and protection comprehensive solution in a convenient kit designed to improve patient comfort and reduce catheter-related infection.

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Waterproof Wound Dressing
Waterproof Wound Dressing

Application of Waterproof Wound Dressing

  • Waterproof dressings for wound care.

  • Post-surgical dressing.

  • Gentle, for frequent dressing changes.

  • Acute wounds such as abrasions and lacerations.

  • Superficial and partial-thickness burns.

  • I.V. catheter sites.

  • Light to moderately draining wounds.

  • To secure or cover devices.

  • Secondary dressing applications.

  • Over hydrogels, alginates, and gauze.

Advantages of Waterproof Wound Dressing

  • Polyurethane film has a good antibacterial effect and can reduce the risk of infection.

  • The polyurethane film has good air permeability and can reduce the risk of wound maceration.

  • The good waterproof performance brings safe care to patients, which is similar to waterproof athletic tape for swimming.

  • Hypoallergenic medical glue effectively reduces allergic reactions in patients.


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