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Tape for Medical

Polyurethane Medical Tape for Wounds

  • It can stick to anything: Although it was specifically designed for medical purposes, it can stick to anything. It needs to be used dry, but it can pass through sweat, hair and blood without a problem.

  • Waterproof: You can go swimming or take a shower and this medical tape will stay on it.

  • Made of small holes: The polyurethane wound dressing is covered by a grid of small holes that give it some unique properties. Sweat and body fluids will pass right through it without causing it to fall off. Air can reach the skin below it. Its pores allow you to rip across and lengthwise in a straight line to custom widths.

  • Easy to tear: Unlike many cloth tapes, polyurethane tapes are easy to use with fingers horizontally and vertically.

Tape Used in Medical

The Toughest Medical Tape for Sensitive Skin

If you need to take it off, you don't necessarily need the toughest tape, but sometimes the toughest is the best.

While polyurethane tape is useful and versatile, it is not perfect for every application.

Residues: When polyurethane tape is removed from your skin, it leaves a sticky residue around the edges. According to product reviews, Goo Gone or a similar product can remove residue from this medical tape. After a few days of bathing and daily activities, the residue should disappear.

Tape in Medical

Paper Medical Tape for Cuts

  • Gentle skin: Tape used in medical doesn't stick too strongly and can tear out hair or leave a sticky residue. Tape for medical is designed to be easily replaced on a daily basis with little or no stimulation.

  • Affordable: This surgical paper tape is several times cheaper than other tapes.

  • Stick to skin: Surgical tape for wounds sticks to skin well and lasts for several days.

  • Breathability: Surgical tape on wound permeates the air and breathes the skin underneath.

  • Microporous tape is not suitable for all applications.

  • Not waterproof: It handles some moisture, but it's not waterproof.

  • Stiffness: Medicated gauze for wounds doesn't fit between irregular parts of the body, such as fingers or toes.

Medical Tape for Wounds

Cloth Medical Tape Used in First Aid

  • Attaches well to skin or fabric: Tape that doesn't stick to hair will not stick to fabric, which is a problem for holding dressings in place. If applied directly to the skin, it will stick to some, but not all, of your hair.

  • No residue: Some stickier tapes, such as duct tape and medical transport tape, leave sticky residue on the skin that can take days to come off, but cloth tape has no residue.

  • Affordable: The price per length of cloth first aid tape is similar to that of the cheapest medical tape.

  • Breathable: the cloth tape is breathable, promote the wound long-term care of healing.

  • Straight Tear: It tears vertically and horizontally in a straight line, so you can make the perfect size without using scissors.

  • High Strength: This medical tape can be used to secure a splint or splint fractured finger to an unbroken finger.SAM splint foam will shed a bit when removed, so for longer-term splint applications, it is best to use an ACE pressure pack or a similar product instead.

Medicated Tape for Wounds

Duct Tape

  • Not waterproof: While this medical tape can handle some moisture, it's far from waterproof.

  • Stiffness: It doesn't fit between irregular parts of the body, such as fingers or toes. It is also difficult to bend because of the tightness of the skin over the moving joints.

  • Tough to tear: Harder to tear than medical tape. The edges of the cloth tape sometimes become entangled, making it nearly impossible to tear. In this case, it either needs to be cut or torn in a different place.