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Tape for Personal-care

Eyes gypsum

Applicable to the operation room, outpatient, surgical treatment room postoperative wound care, as well as family, personal general wound care.

  • Apply gently to the skin for good air permeability and breathability.

  • This eye patch is super easy to using.

Eye Plaster

Face Tape for Wrinkles


  • Safe 100% Medical Grade Adhesive The stickiness of these pies passes the test and it is designed to be free of injury and irritation to the skin but is not suitable for sunburned, irritated, or sensitive skin.

  • Made of high-quality satin that gently shapes your breasts so you don't have to worry about your nipples showing through your clothes and can be worn alone or within the bra

  • Portable and disposable design, small enough to fit into a handbag. Single-use, very convenient and clean.Tip: Wet the pie in a hot towel for a few minutes, then slowly and gently tear it off

  • Bras can look sleek in a variety of situations, with or without them. It is suitable for all occasions such as dancing, dating, wearing a bikini at the pool or beach, special events, or weddings. It's also a good choice to prevent the upper body from sunbathing while jogging and protecting it from the sun

Medical Tape for Wrinkles

Medical Tape for Wrinkles

  • Medical tape wrinkles: Beauty stickers(medical tape for face) are sticky and stick from night to morning, and can be removed painlessly.

  • Quick Facelifts and Facelifts: Due to age or minor facial imperfections, our Facelift Mask adhesive can help you achieve quick facelifts by tightening loose skin and removing wrinkles on the face, neck, chin and eyes

  • How does medical tape for wrinkles work: Because the facial tape to remove wrinkles is elastic when it's stretched; The natural tendency of elastic films is to return to shape, providing magical lifting or regulating effects

Face Tape to Prevent Wrinkles

Realted Application