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Tape for Surgery

Dressings have many uses, depending on the type, severity and location of the wound, although all are focused on promoting healing and preventing further injury. 

Main purposes of tape over stitches after surgery

  • Dry Bleeding - Helps close the wound and speeds up the clotting process;

  • Infection prevention - to protect wounds from bacteria and mechanical damage;

  • Absorb exudate - absorb blood, plasma, and other fluids exudated from the wound and store them in a place to prevent impregnation;

  • Pain relief -- whether through the effects of medication to relieve pain, compressor simply prevent further pain from trauma;

  • Clean the Wound - Remove exfoliation and foreign bodies from the wound to speed healing;

  • Reduce psychological stress - cover healing wounds from the patient's and others' perspective.

Tape for Surgery

Ultimately, the purpose of dressings is to facilitate wound healing by providing a sterile, breathable and moist environment that promotes granulation and epithelial formation. The wound plaster tape reduces the risk of infection, helps wounds heal faster and reduces scarring.

Surgical Tape for Sensitive Skin

Surgical Tape After Surgery

IV cannula fixation dressing

Our catheter fixation dressing is a water-sensitive transparent polyurethane film dressing designed specifically for catheter fixation and to keep the catheter site dry. Widely used in hospital and clinical settings.


  • The reliable and safe fixation allows the patient to move freely, but will still maintain a firm attachment around the catheter hub to ensure good fixation. Nonwovens and two strips of tape reinforce additional strength when needed.

  • Greater patient comfort, highly breathable transparent film, comfortable and flexible, reduce the pressure on the skin. Allow excess water to escape from the wound and oxygen to enter, maintaining a healthy environment at the puncture site.

  • Conveniently visible and transparent, the catheter insertion site can be checked regularly for signs of infection or phlebitis without removing the dressing.

  • Easy to apply and remove, also wear gloves when applying the system with protective foil, paper frame, and large size side label to ensure easy application.

  • Low allergenic adhesives minimize the risk of allergic reactions. Provides gentle and secure fixation.

  • Document label to record the date of dressing change.

Surgical Tape over Stitches