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The Role of Medical Tape and Precautions for Use

Ⅰ. What is the role of medical tape?

Medical tape is a method of medical hygiene materials, mainly used for fixing wounds, fixing medicines, and wound decoration materials. The main component of the medical tape in most pharmacies is degreased gauze, which is used for surgical injuries, sprains, postoperative bandaging, fixation, etc., mainly to prevent infection.

If the tape used in medical is used correctly, it can not only help the wound heal, but also avoid infection or other secondary injuries to the wound. When using tapes used in medical, patients should wear protective gloves first to prevent bacteria on their hands from infecting the wound. Before using a bandage to wrap the wound, you can use a cotton sleeve or cotton roll on the dressing site as a pad, and wrap more cotton sleeves or cotton rolls in places that need to increase pressure or are thin and bony, which can play a role in protecting the wound. In order to avoid deepening the wound due to some accidental touch, or because of the thin seam between the bandages, bacteria can enter the wound and cause infection. When wrapping the wound, it is appropriate to choose the spiral wrapping method. Do not use too much force when wrapping the wound. Smooth the bandage and make it smooth when wrapping, so that each layer can be better supported and adhered. For best results, smooth the bandage with a glove dipped in water.

We often use the tape used in medical, so we must understand the precautions for the use of this item to avoid trouble due to improper use. FULUO, a trusted brand for medical tape China wholesale, will take you on a quick journey into precautions when using medical tape. 

Ⅱ. Precautions when using medical tape

1. Do not use medical tape on areas where swelling may occur. 

2. The main material of the polymer bandage/polyurethane resin coating will stick to the bare skin and clothes. Wear protective gloves when handling. 

3. The product will generate a certain amount of heat during use, which may cause discomfort to the user. Please note that the more layers of polymer (orthopaedic synthetic) bandages are wound, the more heat will be generated. If the polymer (orthopaedic synthetic) bandage is dipped in water with a water temperature higher than 30°C during use, more heat will be generated. 

4. The medical tape manufacturer reminds the patient not to get the polymer (orthopedic synthetic) bandage wet as much as possible, because the skin will not adapt to the long-term wrapping under the wet bandage.

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