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Uses and Precautions for Medical Clear Film Dressings

Medical clear film dressing is a common medical product. Some people may not be very clear about the uses of medical clear film dressing when they first encounter it. So, what are the uses of medical clear film dressing?

The uses of medical clear film dressing

Scratch is a kind of skin damage caused by rough object scraping on the surface of skin. The most common areas of skin abrasions are palms, elbows, knees, and shins. If you accidentally get skin abrasions, it is recommended that you use medical clear film dressing. Medical clear film dressing is mainly used for indwelling needle and catheter fixation, covering surgical incisions before surgery, fixing other dressings, protecting mild abrasions, cuts, closure wounds, etc.

Medical clear film dressing is made of high-permeability polyurethane film, special breathable medical acrylic adhesive, and is produced through a special coating process. Before applying the medical clear film dressing, the patient should use a clean towel, warm water, and antibacterial soap to gently wipe the wound. Wipe off all debris and dead skin cells to prevent infection.

Then, carry out relevant disinfection work, and then use medical clear film dressing. If there is a foreign object in the wound or a bleeding wound is deep, you can use iodine, hydrogen peroxide, or antibacterial agents to disinfect the wound. Choose a disinfectant, soak a cotton ball in it, and gently wipe the wound. The disinfection process may cause pain.

Precautions for using medical clear film dressing

  • Evaluate the patient's skin condition and physical condition in advance, and choose a suitable medical adhesive product;

  • Pay attention to the strength when pasting the dressing;

  • When removing the dressing, pay attention to the wound condition and hair condition. For adhesive products with strong viscosity, do not tear them off forcefully. In the case of too tight adhesion, alcohol or emulsion can be applied to the backing to appropriately reduce the adhesion of the dressing;

  • If there is an allergic reaction such as redness and swelling of the wound while using the dressing, stop using it immediately and treat the wound accordingly;

  • If the skin turns white, softens, swells, and wrinkles, it indicates that the skin is immersed, and you should choose wound care dressing products with good breathability;

  • Medical dressing products have expiration dates and need to be replaced in a timely manner. If abnormal situations are found during use, they need to be dealt with. In severe cases, they need to go to the hospital for further examination.

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