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Microporous Medical Tape

Microporous medical tape, silk-like substrate – acetate fiber

Latex-free causes no latex induced allergic reactions

Hypoallergenic micropore tape is hypoallergenic

Surgical tape micropore has good air permeability, soft and comfortable

Micropore adhesive tape has Strong tensile strength, provides maximum support

Serrated edge, easy to hand tear

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Microporous Medical Tape
Microporous Medical Tape

Specifications of Microporous Medical Tape

1.25cm*5 y30rolls/box24boxeslcarton
2.5cm*5 y30rolls/box24boxeslcarton
5cm*5 y30rolls/box24boxeslcarton
7.5cm*5 y30rolls/box24boxeslcarton
10cm*5 y30rolls/box24boxeslcarton
1.25cm*10 y30rolls/box24boxes/carton
2.5cm*10 y30rolls/box24boxes/carton
5cm*10 y30rolls/box24boxeslcarton
7.5cm*10 y30rolls/box24boxes/carton
10cm*10 y30rolls/box24boxeslcarton
specification and package can be customized

Features of Microporous Medical Tape

Breathability: The porous structure allows air and moisture to pass through, reducing the risk of skin irritation and maceration (softening of the skin).

Gentle on skin: Made with a hypoallergenic adhesive, it minimizes the risk of allergic reactions, making it suitable for sensitive skin.

Conformability: The thin and flexible material conforms well to body contours, allowing for comfortable wear and movement.

Adhesiveness: It provides secure adhesion to the skin while remaining gentle and easily removable without causing pain.

Application of Microporous Medical Tape

  • Protecting wounds from external moisture, fluids, or contaminants 

  • Enhancing penetration of topical medications 

  • Compressing bandage to help control swelling and stop bleeding

  • For dermatological patch testing 

  • Fixation of needles, probes, catheters, and medical equipment

Things To Consider When Using Microporous Medical Tape

Choose the right size and type: Different widths and lengths are available depending on the application.

Clean and dry the skin: Ensure the application area is clean, dry, and free of oils or lotions for optimal adhesion.

Apply gently but firmly: Press the tape evenly and smoothly without stretching it excessively.

Change regularly: Replace the surgical tape with holes as needed, especially if it becomes loose, soiled, or loses its adhesiveness.

Monitor for skin irritation: If you experience any redness, itching, or discomfort, discontinue use and consult a healthcare professional.


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