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Material, Performance and Usage of Medical Tape

Medical tape can be seen almost everywhere in medical places, and many medical staff use it multiple times a day. The special requirements of the use occasions have resulted in high standards for medical tapes. In order to meet these requirements, what material should medical tape be made of? What is the performance of this material? How to use medical tape?

1. Material and composition of medical tape

Medical tapes are made of pure wood pulp natural materials, and are produced in accordance with strict standards under the premise of using zinc oxide as the raw material. Zinc is a kind of trace element, the content in the human body and the daily intake are very small, but it can play a pivotal role in the body's sexual development, sexual function, and the production of germ cells. The zinc oxide in the medicated tape is an essential element in the production, but it will not cause harm to the body.

2. The performance of medical tape

(1) Need higher adhesion

Medical tape is mainly used for the fixation of materials in surgery, the treatment of wounds, and the fixation of infusion needle tubes. This requires that it must have high adhesiveness, and play a role in fixing drugs and fixing wounds.

(2) Need higher toughness

Wounds bandaged with tape need to be able to effectively prevent the wound from pulling and tearing and avoid secondary injuries.

(3) Need to be easy to operate

Regardless of whether it is bandaging or fixing, it is more urgent when medical tape is used. Therefore, the medical tape needs to be more convenient to operate, easy to unpack, easy to tear, and to avoid delaying the treatment time during the operation process. The China silk tape is sure to meet this need.

(4) Need to breathe

Medical tape often adheres to the surface of the skin, and it needs to be adhered for a long time, so it needs to have a certain degree of air permeability to avoid skin discomfort. Sports tape waterproof is a great choice when you need to avoid water from the wound.


3. How to use medical tape

(1) Thoroughly clean and disinfect the skin and let it dry.

(2) Stick the tape flat from the center to the outside without tension. In order to ensure that the tape can be adhered firmly, the skin part should be pasted at least 2.5cm along the edge of the dressing.

(3) After the tape is fixed, press lightly on the tape to make the tape adhere firmly to the skin.

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