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Characteristics and Removal Methods of Medical Micropore Tape

Ⅰ. Introduction of the medical micropore tape

Medical micropore tape is a hypoallergenic, latex-free paper tape suitable for regular dressing changes. After the adhesion is removed, very few adhesions are left, which reduces the risk of discomfort. This medical micropore tape is pierced to obtain better breathability and healing ability, which has two colors: white and tan. And it can be used in hospitals and homes. It can be used as surgical tape to fix wound bandages that need to be changed frequently. Medical micropore tape is a hypoallergenic household medical paper tape suitable for sensitive people. It works well as a wound care bandage at home.

Medical micropore tape is beneficial for doctors, nurses, and patients. To help with recovery, the types of medical plaster tape must be light and breathable. For bandaging wounds and fixing wound dressings, medical micropore tape is an excellent adhesive. Such adhesive leaves almost no residue, allowing patients to change bandages more frequently and comfortably.

Ⅱ. The characteristics of medical micropore tape

Features of Fuluo medical micropore tape: It is friendly to dry skin. It can adhere to damp skin. It is very breathable, adaptable, hypoallergenic, suitable for contact with the skin. It can clean latex, has mild adhesion, and has few adhesive residues, ideal for general wound care. It is designed to hold small and medium dressings in place. The lightweight tubes are easy to fix. It is suitable for keeping ostomy instruments safe and is intended for regular tape wrapping.

Ⅲ. How to remove medical micropore tape?

How to remove the medical micropore tape: push a small piece of tape to the corner and pull it up, and gently pry up one corner of the tape. And to avoid putting too much pressure on the skin, pull the tape back to itself along the direction of the hair. Next, use a small amount of humectant or adhesive remover on particularly sticky tapes. Apply water to the exposed adhesive surface of the microporous medical tape. Slowly pull up the adhesive dressing tape and massage the moisturizer into the tape as the tape rises.

The medical micropore tape has gentle adhesion and is well-fitting and highly breathable. It can reliably fix the dressing and equipment to the skin. It is made of hypoallergenic and non-natural rubber latex. Application of medical micropore tape: it is applied mainly to damp skin, fix small and medium dressings and hoses, ensure the safety of ostomy equipment, protect fragile and risky skin, and is used as a large amount of tape is needed.

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