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How About the Application of Hydrocolloid Dressings in Pressure Ulcers?

Ⅰ. The benefits of hydrocolloid dressings

Hydrocolloid dressing is a functional dressing composed of hydrocolloid and viscous materials and artificial elastomers. The dressing maintains a moist environment during the wound recovery phase, prevents wound drying, reduces neuropathic irritation and pain, properly absorbs wound exudate and maintains non-adhesion of the wound, promotes epithelialization, and accelerates wound healing. Hydrocolloid dressings provide a moist healing environment, accelerate healing and protect the wound surface, avoid the invasion of bacteria and water, reduce the risk of wound infection, relieve wound pain, promote the growth of granulation tissue and epithelial tissue, dissolve necrotic tissue, prevent the formation of scars, and facilitate monitoring Wound healing, soft and comfortable, bathable and good looking.

The hydrocolloid dressing also has the advantages of translucent surface and good elasticity, which makes it easy to observe the skin condition of the compressed part, and does not affect the movement of joints and limbs. After the film is applied, the patient feels comfortable, convenient and easier to accept. The utility model is easy to carry and store, simple and convenient to use, not only reduces the workload of nursing staff, but also is suitable for the use of family hospital beds. The following should be noted when using hydrocolloid dressings:

1. It is normal for the dressing to bulge and turn white after absorption and swelling; 2. Do not use it in wounds with a large amount of exudate; 3. The use of hydrocolloid series dressings will produce a certain odor, and the odor will disappear after cleaning the wound with normal saline; 4. It has been Ionizing radiation sterilization; 5. The product is one-time use.

Ⅱ. The application of hydrocolloid dressings in pressure ulcers

Pressure ulcers are a common ulcer symptom in clinical treatment. Most of them are caused by the prolonged compression of local tissues, which blocks blood circulation. With the current increasing incidence of various diseases, the risk of pressure ulcers is also increasing. If a patient unfortunately develops a pressure ulcer, it will not only affect the treatment effect of the disease, but even cause secondary infection in severe cases, posing a serious threat to the life and health of the patient.

In nursing work, it is a difficult thing to do a good job in the care of pressure ulcers. The use of hydrocolloid dressings can reduce the risk of pressure ulcers and effectively prevent the occurrence of pressure ulcers. As one of types of wound care products, hydrocolloid dressings can reduce damage to skin tissue, it provides the best healing environment for wounds, especially suitable for chronic wounds that cannot be healed for a long time, as well as complex and time-consuming tissue regeneration treatment and prevention, hydrocolloid dressings protect the integrity of the skin, so that patients and family members' psychological needs are met.

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