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How to Use Zinc Oxide Athletic Tape?

1. What is zinc oxide athletic tape?

It is a thin woven cloth tape with an adhesive on one side. The cloth is usually cotton or viscose rayon, and the adhesive is usually latex or acrylic. White zinc oxide tape cannot be stretched, so it is often described as "rigid" tape and is specifically designed to stick to skin.

II. How to use zinc oxide athletic tape?

1. Prepare your skin. Proper preparation of skin is essential for all tapes. Tape can only be stuck reliably on skin when the skin is completely clean, dry and free of any oils, creams or lotions, etc. Ideally, that area should be hairless (or at least the hair is well manicured) as hair interferes with bonding, and it is painful when removing the tape. Shave, wash and dry the area thoroughly before using the zinc oxide athletic tape.

2. Deal with the tape. Zinc oxide athletic tape can be cut with regular scissors, but it is usually faster and easier to tear off the tape. You can simply grab the edge of the tape with both hands and rip it hard like ripping a piece of paper (but harder and faster). In general, it is best to unroll the tape from the reel while applying, and tear or cut as you finish each strand. Fuluo also provides other kinds of wholesale kinesiology tape, please contact us for more details about their differences.

3. Safe application. In this kind of wrist strap technique, the support is carefully built up with several separate strips of tape. Zinc oxide athletic tape is solid and inflexible, so it's important not to stick it on too tightly, or the blood circulation to the area may be cut off. In many cases, what you need to do is place it on the skin and press down to activate the adhesive. For similar reasons, you should not accumulate large amounts of tape at once, nor should you wrap the limb with the same length of tape repeatedly. Instead, you should apply it strip by strip: wrap a circle, tear it off, and wrap a circle again. Unfortunately, zinc oxide athletic tapes can irritate sensitive or damaged skin, even they are the latex free or so-called "hypoallergenic" tapes. Do not apply tape to any area of damaged skin, and do not wear the tape for a long period, even if the skin looks healthy. Discontinue use if you notice any irritation. You can also choose our another hot product, China elastic adhesive bandage, which may be more applicable to sensitive skins.

4. Zinc oxide athletic tape provides the best adhesion if it is fixed correctly. Fix a strip of tape under the following circumstance: It circles around one limb and finally clings to your body; or it starts and ends on another piece of fixed tape; or an anchor bar goes over it and presses it down. Improperly fixed tape strips may peel off quickly due to friction, sweating, or movement.

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