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Foam Medical Tape

Foam medical tapes can be used directly also can process into other products like electrode slice and pad.

More options are provided, you can have a look at our microporous medical tapes.

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Foam Medical Tape
Foam Medical Tape

Specifications of Foam Medical Tape

1. 25cm x 5y(simple)24pcs/box 720pcs/carton
2.5cm x 5y(simple)12pcs/box 360pcs/carton
5cm X 5y(simple)6pcs/box 180pcs/carton
7. .5cm X 5y(simple)6pcs/box 180pcs/carton
10cm x 5y(simple)6pcs/box 120pcs/carton
1. 25cm X 10y(simple)24pcs/box 720pcs/carton
2. 5cm x 10y(simple)12pcs/box 360pcs/carton
5cm x 10y(simple)6pcs/box 180pcs/carton
7. 5cm x 10y(simple)6pcs/box 180pcs/carton
10cm X 10y(simple)6pcs/box 120pcs/carton
1.25cm x 10y(cutter)24pcs/box 720pcs/carton
2. 5cm x 10y(cutter)12pcs/box 360pcs/carton
1.25cm x 10y(plastic)12pcs/box 480pcs/carton
2.5cm X 10y(plastic)12pcs/box 360pcs/carton
5cm X 10y(plastic)6pcs/box 180pcs/carton

Application of Foam Medical Tape

  • popular used and suitable for fixation.

  • Such as fixation of the needle, probes, catheters, etc medical devices, and dressings pads.

Advantages of Foam Medical Tape

  • Surgical foam tape is hypoallergenic

  • Good air permeability

  • Foam surgical tape is soft and comfortable

  • Easy tear by hand in longitude and latitude directions


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