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Wound Dressing Manufacturers

Jiaxing Fuluo Medical Supplies CO., LTD, the predecessors Jiaxing Fuluo Sporting Goods CO., LTD, is a foreign market-oriented manufacturer, which is established in 2007 in Suzhou, and then moved to Gaoqiao Hi-tech Incubation Park in Tongxiang city in 2009.

With the development of the company and the expansion of different products, Fuluo kinesiology tape manufacturer bought land from the government, built new facilities and introduced new equipments, established a new company named Jiaxing Fuluo Medical Supplies CO., LTD in 2015. Now it locates in NO. 1989 Gaoqiao Avenue, Gaoqiao Town, Tongxiang, Jiaxing city, Zhejiang Province.

The project covers an area of 10000 square meters’ land, including 12000 square meters' factory area, 2700 square meters' office building area, 500 square meters’ purifying area. There are 3 production lines of sporting tape, medical tape, wound healing product and so on. From glue-coating to stabilization process, from cutting process to packing process, every process has its independent production workshop, each production process is sampled and controlled by professional quality inspectors. Fuluo has two independent laboratories, equipped with a variety of experimental instruments, according to the relevant technical requirements of the product can meet the factory product inspection needs; The inspection post has a number of full-time inspectors, mainly engaged in microbial detection, environmental monitoring and product physical and chemical performance detection.

FULUO provides customers with high-quality OEM service. The products such as elastic adhesive tapes, waterproof athletic tapes and nylon ribbon tapes, are mainly exported to Europe, North America, Japan and so on. Additionally, we have more than 30% Japanese market share for the kinesiology tape.

We have adequate human resources to offer powerful manufacturability that can meet the local and abroad market demand. Now we undertake processing and import-export business from the famous company home and abroad. The product's quality is unanimously approved through the testing of a customer-specified inspection body. FULUO’s products and production system get the CE, FDA and ISO13485:2016 certifications.


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