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What Should I Pay Attention to when Using Medical Tape?

Medical tape is a medical product that has been strictly disinfected and used for wounds or postoperative bandaging in medical activities. It can effectively isolate the injury from contact with the outside world, prevent bacteria from invading the wound and cause wound inflammation. It can also play a good role in promoting wound healing and providing all-around protection to the affected area.

Ⅰ. What are the precautions when using medical tape?

Most medical tapes such as nylon medical tape, paper medical tape and cloth medical tape are soft and thin, has excellent adhesion, can fit the injured part of the patient to the greatest extent, and prevent the consequences of being easy falling off after bandaging. Before using medical tape to wrap the patient, the patient's wound should be carefully disinfected to avoid contamination, thus slowing down the wound's healing rate. After that, wipe the affected area clean and keep the bandaged area dry. Next, wrap the injured part with the medical tape in a spiral wrap. According to the situation, the part that bears more pressure or the leg with thinner bones can be wound a few more times. In the process of bandaging the affected area, try to stick the tape as close to the skin as possible to ensure that it does not fall off and cause trouble after wrapping.

Many people may have such a situation when using different types of medical tape. After the medical tape was removed, the bare skin adhered to by the tape had a sticky adhesive mark, and it took a lot of effort to remove this layer of glue. Here, we can teach you a method. If there are traces of medical tape on the skin, wipe it with alcohol or gasoline and scrub it with suds. Thus you can easily remove the annoying tape marks. In addition, if you have purchased medical tape China products, please use it all at once or store it in a closed container after use to prevent the medical tape from being infected by foreign bacteria.

Ⅱ. Treatment of allergy when using medical tape

Some people are allergic to medical tape. Generally speaking, the degree of allergy differs, so the treatment is different. It is recommended that you use this kind of infusion patch or medical tape with better ventilation. Do not stick the tape on for too long. Do not stick to blisters or itchy areas. Use bandages to keep the tape away from your skin. In addition, you can also apply some anti-allergic drugs.                

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