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Application Requirements and Methods of Medical Tape

A product that is often used in hospitals or wound dressings is medical tape. The emergence of medical tape has brought many benefits to friends and accelerated the progress of the medical industry. Medical tape generally refers to medical sealing tape. The base material of medical sealing tape is pure wood pulp, which is non-toxic and non-irritating, and has good air permeability. Some friends may have misunderstandings about the use of tape in medical. This is actually because you ignore its effectiveness and function. What are the correct application requirements and application methods of medical tape? FULUO, a trusted manufacturer devoted to providing medical tape China, will introduce this to you.

Ⅰ. What are the requirements for the use of medical tape?

1. The tape in medical must be able to adapt to the corresponding sterilization methods. There are different types of medical plaster tape. Different sterilization methods have different effects on product performance. Selecting the appropriate product sterilization method information is an important part of product design.

2. Whether the adhesiveness of tape in medical is enough is also a major specification for the use of medical tape. When the medical tape needs to be attached to the material and the skin (for example, when it is used for surgical towels), the tape in medical should be able to be firmly attached to the surface of the material.

3. In addition to the adhesiveness of medical tapes, it is also necessary to consider whether the adhesiveness to the skin is suitable. Since the local medical tapes need to be attached to the skin, they should have appropriate adhesiveness instead of the stronger the better. After testing the peel strength of the tape in medical on the skin, the strength and applicability of the medical tape on the skin were evaluated.

4. Medical tape needs to have moderate viscosity, while ordinary tape needs to have strong peel strength. The reason is that when the tape in medical is torn off the skin, it should not feel tingling, but it must not be sticky and fall off the skin, so the viscosity should be moderate.

Ⅱ. What are the ways to use medical tape?

1. Clean and disinfect the skin before using the tape in medical, and wait for a while. 

2. Apply smoothly. Apply the tape from the center to the outside without tension. In order to make the tape stick to the dressing firmly, it should be at least 2.5CM against the skin along the edge of the dressing. 

3. Press back and forth on the tape to maximize the effect of the adhesive. 

4. When removing, loosen each end of the medical tape, and gradually lift the entire width of the tape toward the wound to reduce the dehiscence of the healing tissue. 

5. When removing medical tape from hairy areas, it should be peeled off in the direction of hair growth. When using medical tape, you must pay attention to prevent it from being directly applied to damaged skin and those with skin allergies should follow the doctor's advice.

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