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FAQ of Waterproof Kinesiology Tape

Are all tapes waterproof?

No, the ones that claim to be waterproof are waterproof. There are many types of tapes and not all are resistant to water.

Can waterproof kinesiology tape be used by swimmers?

Yes, our waterproof kinesiology tape is water-resistant and is athletic tape waterproof. It prevents water to seep through the wound, which are especially useful for swimmers.

How to remove waterproof tape?

Generally speaking, using the right way for removing the waterproof tape for swimming does not injure the skin nor pull the hair, however, it might be painful depending on the angle and the force applied to it. It is recommended to use a small amount of moisturizer or baby oil on the open tip of the tape and on the skin when peeling the waterproof body tape for swimming instead of tugging it too hard.